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The Texas Community Reinvestment Updates

Investment in Texas communities strengthens the state and its economy. Our role is to monitor and evaluate the state's community reinvestment strategies including the implementation of programs for small farms and businesses, financial literacy education, disaster relief, affordable housing and other community development initiatives. Continued collaboration among state agencies, small businesses and nonprofit organizations helps transform distressed areas, rebuild infrastructure and create safe and supportive communities for all Texans.

The biennial Texas Community Reinvestment in Texas Update provides an overview of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA); describes changes to the CRA that became effective since 2010; includes highlights of changes in state and federal regulations, data and studies of the subprime and mortgage lending crisis; and describes small business, small farm and community development investments and loans in Texas. The update also outlines state agencies' community reinvestment strategies including related community and economic development initiatives in Texas.

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