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Upcoming Bond
Election Roundup

Election day is November 4, 2014, and many Texas communities are proposing new debt through local bond elections. Because there is no known centralized public resource of local bond elections, information about these elections and the amount of debt being proposed in taxpayers’ names is often difficult to find.

The Upcoming Bond Election Roundup attempts to solve this problem by providing you with easy access to upcoming bond propositions in Texas.

We also provide debt totals and trends for Texas cities, counties, school districts and community college districts, as well as Texas in the Debt at a Glance feature on If any of the entities listed in the roundup appear in Debt at a Glance, we'll link to that page for additional debt context.

All recent bond election information has been updated and the results can be found on the Recent Bond Election table. Please check back closer to the next scheduled election date for more information on upcoming bond elections.

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