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Special Reports

At the Comptroller’s office, we’ve long championed the importance of transparency. We’re committed to keeping the state’s books open, accessible and understandable for our citizens.

That’s why we continue to release reports which spotlight issues that hit Texans in their wallets — local taxes, local debt, public pension obligations — and how cities, counties, school districts and special purpose districts spend your tax dollars.

Path to Stability: ERS at the Crossroads

Get PDF (2.1M)

Learn about the steps necessary to ensure a sound financial path for the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

Public School Construction Costs

Get PDF (11M)

If you own property in Texas, you are probably paying property taxes to fund school construction. See how that money is being spent around Texas.

Your Money and Local Debt

Get PDF (4.5M)

Find out about the debt governments are taking on in your name: what the debt is buying and how long it will take to repay.

Your Money and Education Debt

Get PDF (5.0M)

This report on public and higher education debt shows how much debt our public and higher education institutions are carrying.

Your Money and Pension Obligations

Get PDF (7.6M)

This report examines the effect of public pension obligations on government financial stability

Your Money and the Taxing Facts

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Find out who is taxing you and for what purpose. Get information on local taxing entities and tax levies in your area.

We have developed a variety of tools that accompany our reports:

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