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Pension Obligations

Path to Stability: ERS at the Crossroads
Published December 2014

Putting the Employees Retirement System (ERS) trust fund on a sound financial path is only getting more expensive. The pension managed by ERS has an unfunded liability that is projected to increase by $500 million each year.

As credit agencies increase their scrutiny of pension funds, some states have seen credit downgrades partly due to unaddressed pension liabilities.

Path to Stability: ERS at the Crossroads explores these issues and offers recommendations for legislators and policymakers for maintaining stability in the state's employee pension fund.

Your Money and Pension Obligations
Published December 2012

To give Texans a closer look at the operations and finances of public pension plans in Texas and across the U.S., the Comptroller’s office prepared Your Money and Pension Obligations, the fourth in a series of “Texas, It’s Your Money” reports examining various facets of state and local spending and debt.

Take a closer look at the finances of state and local pension plans throughout Texas using our Public Pension Search Tool. This tool includes details on state and local pension plans in Texas as reported to the Pension Review Board and submitted by each plan in response to public information requests from the Comptroller’s office.

Call to Action

Many public pension plans throughout the U.S. have been inadequately funded, and the dramatic downturn in investment earnings during the Great Recession brought some to the brink of insolvency.

While most Texas plans remain stable, the issue of pension funding is a significant problem that deserves close attention.

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