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Texas Counties’ Debt Outstanding
as of 8/31/2013

On the map or menu below, select your county for details on your county’s debt outstanding, including a breakdown of tax-supported and revenue-supported debt, and the amount of county debt per capita.

  • $0
  • $1 to $100
  • $101 to $250
  • $251 to $600
  • Greater than $600

Source: Texas Bond Review Board

Download the data (CSV, 45KB)

Digging Deeper on Local Debt
Now that you know the value of debt burdens carried by your city, county and special purpose districts, you may have more questions about local debt. The Texas Bond Review Board’s website provides additional data about local government debts, including debts issued by year and local elections conducted to approve or reject debt issues.

You can find that information on the Texas Bond Review Board’s Local Government Services Web page.

When reviewing bond data, you may find the following information helpful:

  • Certificates of obligation and refinances of existing debt are typically approved and issued directly by a governing entity, without a taxpayer vote.
  • Issuing tax-supported bonds generally requires a taxpayer vote.
  • Bonds supported by revenue generally only require a governing entity’s approval for issuance.

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