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Your Money and Pension Obligations

Texas’ public employees participate in eight statewide and 81 locally administered pension plans. If you are one of nearly 2.3 million active and retired members, check your pension plan now.

These plans are funded through employee and employer contributions as well as earnings on investments. Many pension plans throughout the nation have been inadequately funded through contributions, and the dramatic downturn in investment earnings during the Great Recession brought some to the brink of insolvency, even contributing to highly publicized bankruptcies in several California cities during 2012.

While most Texas plans remain stable, the issue of pension funding represents a growing problem that deserves close attention.

To give Texans a closer look at the operations and finances of public pension plans in our state and across the U.S., the Comptroller’s office has prepared this report, Your Money and Pension Obligations, the fourth in a series of “Texas, It’s Your Money” reports that examine various facets of state and local spending and debt.

Public Pension Search

For a closer look at the finances of state and local pension plans throughout Texas, the Comptroller’s office has created a search tool for public pensions. This resource includes details on pension plans in Texas as reported to the Pension Review Board.

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