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Texas, It’s Your Money: Executive Summary

A Roadmap to Better

It’s Time to Choose Our Fiscal Future


The Comptroller’s newest report, A Roadmap to Better, summarizes the findings of our Texas, It’s Your Money report series.

This series gives Texans the tools they need to understand government spending, and to hold those responsible for it accountable. It provides a detailed look at who’s spending Texans’ tax dollars and running up debt, why – and how much. It also makes recommendations that can improve the transparency of government spending and help taxpayers exercise their fundamental right to control it. more »

Your Money and the Taxing Facts

A Roadmap to Better examines the various local entities that add to Texans’ tax bill, including cities, counties, special-purpose districts and transit authorities, and identifies trends in local taxation. more »

Your Money and Local Debt

This report also discusses the bond debt our local governments issue for purposes such as hospital construction, water infrastructure and vehicle and technology purchases. Just like household debt, this bond debt can spiral out of control if not watched and planned for carefully. Our local governments more than doubled their debt load in the last decade, amassing more than $7,500 in debt for every man, woman and child in the state. more »

Your Money and Education Debt

A Roadmap to Better reports on the rapidly growing indebtedness of our public schools and higher education institutions — debt that supports the construction or renovation of educational facilities. Texas’ public schools are already carrying $13,530 in debt for every Texas student in a school district that issues debt. And higher education debt rose nearly eight times faster than enrollment in the last decade. more »

Your Money and Pension Obligations

Finally, this report examines the thorny problem of public pension debt. Some U.S. cities and some states are finding that public pension systems can’t meet their obligations, due to skyrocketing employee retirement costs and diminished investment returns during the recession. We need to keep an eye on these expenditures in Texas to make sure they stay manageable. more »

download A Roadmap to Better - 3.2M PDF

Download a PDF of our December 2012 report A Roadmap to Better which summarizes our entire “Texas, It’s Your Money” report series.

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