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Budget and Finance

The Cash Report vs. CAFR: A Snapshot

State Tax Snapshot

A tablet-friendly overview of state tax rates and revenues, allocations and future estimates. More…

Understanding the state budget process is a critical first step to understanding the financial landscape of Texas state government. Use the tools and information we provide to explore state spending from a number of different perspectives.

Financial Reports and Forecasts

Look at past and present revenue estimates, annual reports and economic forecasts.

Fiscal Briefs

Budget and Expenditure Search Tools

The search tools gather an immense amount of data and can take a few minutes to fully load. If you need additional assistance with your search, try our help pages.

Expenditures by State Agency Strategy

See how much an agency has budgeted for specific spending categories.


Expenditures by Funding Source

See how each agency is funded and how much they spend from each fund every year.


Agency Budget vs. Actual ExpendituresAgency Budget vs. Actual Expenditures

Compare what an agency budgeted for a specific spending category, and what the actual expenditures were.


THE CASH REPORT VS. CAFR: A SNAPSHOT CASH REPORT The State of Texas Annual Cash Report: presents cash balances, cash payments and receipts includes only funds held within the State Treasury is not independently audited cash basis - presents financial information based on when cash is actually received or disbursed during the fiscal year CAFR The Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report: presents information on all state assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures, and related financial and statistical information reports on all state funds, including those held outside the State Treasury is audited by the State Auditor’s Office accrual basis - presents financial information based on when revenue is earned or liabilities are incurred during the fiscal year, rather than when cash is actually received or disbursed SEPTEMBER1 AUGUST 31 THE FISCAL YEAR COVERED BY THE CASH REPORT AND THE CAFR CASH REPORTPublished the first Monday in November CAFRPublished the last day of February For the latest Texas Cash Report and CAFR, $ 93-011 (2/16) PDF Version (606KB) ×