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Confidential Expenditures

Payments shown as confidential in Where the Money Goes include:

  • payments marked as confidential by the paying agency
  • State of Texas employee salaries

Fiscal Year 2008 Only

For fiscal year 2008 only, payments in some objects of expense were marked confidential as a whole. The following table lists those objects of expense. In addition, individual transactions in other objects of expense for fiscal year 2008 may be marked as confidential by the paying agency.

Object Title
7001 Salary & Wages (Line Item Exempt)
7014 Higher Ed Sal/Student Employee
7020 Hazardous Duty Pay
7035 Commissioned Peace Officer Stipend Pay
7062 Workers Comp - Indemnity Payments
7081 Retirement/Benefits Payments – ERS
7082 Retirement/Benefits Payments – Judicial Retirement System
7083 Retirement/Benefits Payments – TRS

7084 Retirement Payments – Volunteer Fire Fighters' Pension System
7085 Retirement Payments – Law Enforcement and Custodial Officer
7214 Public Asst Pmts-Unemployment
7215 Return of Retirement Contributions

7220 Court Expenses – Parental Notification
7223 Court Costs
7224 Witness Fees and Allowances

7225 Settlements and Judgments for Attorneys' Fees
7226 Settlements and Judgments for Claimant/Plaintiff
7227 Miscellaneous Claims Act Payments
7229 Settlements and Judgments for Claimant/Plaintiff and Attorney
7230 Miscellaneous Claims – Lost/Voided Warrants
7231 Workers’ Compensation – Medical Services & Attorney Payments
7232 Workers’ Compensation-Self Insurance Programs-Medical  Services & Attorney Payments
7234 Compensation for Crime Victims
7236 Crime Victims Expenses

7248 Medical Services
7253 Other Professional Services
7254 Other Witness Fees
7280 Client-Worker Services
7325 Services for Wards of the State
7636 Texas Tomorrow Fund – Payment of Prepaid Tuition
7638 Texas Tomorrow Fund – Tuition/Fee Pmt to Beneficiary
7639 Texas Tomorrow Fund – Payment of Earning to Purchaser
7640 Public Assistance – Child Support Payments, Non-Title IV-D
7641 Pub Assist-Temp Assis for Needy Fam-TANF
7642 Child Support Payments, Title IV – D
7645 Disaster Relief Payments
7652 Financial Services – Rehabilitation Clients
7666 Medical Services and Specialties
7672 Grants-in-Aid (Foster Care)
7673 Grants-in-Aid (Care for Aged, Blind and Disabled)
7674 Grants-in-Aid (Services for Children/Clients)
7676 Grants-In-Aid - Transportation
7679 Grants to College Vocational Students
7681 Grants – Survivors
7702 Loans to College Students
7704 Loans to Medical Students – Rural Medicine
7811 Interest on Refund of Credit of Tax or Fee
7812 Interest of Protest Payments

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