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Spending by Category

See all agency expenditures across the state in broad spending categories, including category and object codes.

Start by selecting a year from the menu, then click the blue button. The report window will not load without selecting a year.

This search will take longer to load since it is compiling data for ALL agencies.

It's worth the wait, with lots of slicing options, such as viewing overall expenditures by month and drilling down for details on all vendors paid by one agency. You can also view all the payments made by a specific agency for specific expenditures.

Search Tips

Results for Spending by Category Search

Results for Spending Category search

You can narrow the search by selecting an agency from the dropdown menu.

For more detail, click on a category a breakdown of statewide spending in that category. Then, drill down to see all vendors paid by an agency for specific groups of expenditures. After drilling to the vendor level, you'll have lots of options by updating the reporting month, spending category and groups and agency selection.

Search Spending by Category

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